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Alfa Guide planning is restorative-driven with virtual visualization of the bone, soft tissue, and adjacent and opposing teeth.


Plans based solely on osseous anatomy can lead to compromised implant positions.


Therefore, a comprehensive data set including bone, soft tissue, and adjacent and opposing teeth is imported into the planning software.


Future teeth position can be derived from articulated models and

models of patients with temporary bridges, flippers, bonded teeth, RPDs and dentures, usually eliminating the need for radiographic stents and wax-ups.


Data merges are accurate, regardless of radiographic scatter and without the need for data conversion, data modification, or lab-made stents.

           Why to choose Alfa Guide digital

  implant planning and surgical guides?

Reduce patient chair time and number of patient visits.

Benefit from digital accuracy and reduce manual errors.

Enhance predictability of final implant position and restorative outcome.

Create a consistent surgical procedure every time and avoid unforeseen complications.

Improve patient experience and patient comfort with less invasive procedures and shorter healing time.

Send us a scan of the

patient and thier

stone models

(or intra-oral scan)

Surgery planning with

our planning software

(CAD- Computer

assisted design)

Use Alfa Guide

template and surgical

kit to preform


Guide types Two types of drill guides are available for Alfa-Guide

Computer guided surgery with Alfa Gate dental Implants System :

Mucosa-supported guide

For minimally invasive procedures (e.g. flapless surgery, Local Punch appraoch) for edentulous patients.



Tooth-mucosa supported guides

For partially edentulous patients. A patient plaster model (Optical Scan module, or Intra-oral scan) is needed to enable optimal fit of the guide.


Lateral access Alfa Guide can be ordered with a closed

tube or with an open lateral access.

Hexagonal sleeves Provide optimal positionof the implant’s internal hexagon,enable optimal restorative outcome.

The lateral open access provides additional convenience by reducing the insertion height of the drill, depending on the implant position and the thickness of the mucosa. Thus, guided surgery is facilitated in cases with limited space.