Guided surgery solution for optimal results!

Alfa Gate guarantees complete prosthetic-driven implant planning, ensuring ideal dental restoration with our advanced Alfa Guide digital technology.

The Alfa Guide Team includes the leading oral surgeons and technicians with many years of experience in innovating the digital dentistry world.

We guarantee a fully guided surgical procedure that assures the optimal implant for clinical execution, completing the operation using the full Alfa Guide Package.

The package includes our advanced Guided Surgery Kit, surgical guide, surgical report, and implants.

Moreover, a temporary tooth design is available in the case of an immediate loading case.

Advantages of Alfa Guide

Digital Dentistry Done Right!
The surgical plan is done by experienced oral surgeons, Alfa Guide Team plans the virtual surgical procedure effortlessly and effectively. 

Available Advisory
Alfa Guide Team offers consultancy for every case, with special guidance to perform the most ideal surgical procedure.

Surgical Guide You Can Trust
Perfect fit for precise implant placement guaranteeing successful procedure even in the most challenging cases.
Varying diameters can be inserted in the surgical Guide, from 3mm to 5mm and up to 16mm in length.

Intuitive Kit Layout
The surgical kit makes the surgical procedure easier and more precise due to its straight forward and simple design.
The comprehensive and single kit layout has insertion tools and drills for all implant platforms.

Innovative Sleeve Design
Titanium Sleeve with Hex indication for accurate final implant placement.

Alfa Guide Surgical Kit

Advantages of Alfa Guide Surgical Kit

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