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Dental implant timeline simply explained | Alfa Gate dentist checking patient chair xray

Patients must know every detail during their appointment, and repeating the same dental procedure step by step is frustrating. We present an effective method to explain the entire dental implant timeline from initial consultation until crown placement.

Consultation visit

The first step is checking if the patient is a suitable candidate for dental implant surgery; Then, if they are appropriate, the dentist must send the patient to do a CBCT scan to begin working on the case to assess the quantity and density of the bone.

Dental implant placement

In the next appointment, the dentist will perform the surgery according to their comprehensive plan, which includes the dental implant placement until the crown appointment. In our previous post, we thoroughly explained the dental implant surgery guide for dentists. Moreover, the procedure will include opening an incision in the gingiva to prepare the osteotomy, which means drilling a hole according to the implant dimensions. After placing the desired implant, the implant must be closed with a cover screw, followed by suturing the incision.

Dental implant timeline -Awaiting osseointegration

According to the dental implant timeline, the patient must wait for a certain period for the bone to heal and attach (osseointegrate) to the implant. Usually, the healing period is 3-6 months; however, our Alfa Gate Bioactive implant CaP technology reduced healing time by 6- 10 weeks.

Post-implant restorative stage

The next step is after the full osteointegration period, the patient has to go through another surgical intervention to place the healing cap on the implant. The healing cap is a gingival former which helps the gum to heal aesthetically to mimic the natural tooth shape. Following the healing stage, the dentist must take an impression for the technician to finalize the crown.

Final restoration

There are two main restorative options cemented or screw-retained restoration; upon choosing the suitable option for the case, the dentist can proceed with the appropriate abutment. An abutment connects the implant and the crown. Alfa Gate supports all kinds of restorative options, with a wide range of different abutments. 

Complete the procedure by attaching the crown and ensuring that the patient is comfortable with their new teeth. 

Dental implant timeline from consultation until the final restoration

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