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Alfa Gate has 25 years of global success in manufacturing and supplying high-quality dental implants and prosthetic solutions curated to all dentists.

We offer innovative dental implants, CAD/CAM, Alfa Guide Surgical System, Single and Multi-Unit, and every prosthetic variation.

Our brand is available in over 50 countries worldwide including, the USA, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Europe, and Asia.

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Extensive marketing material package

Every tool needed to enter the market and expand your activities

Consultancy and support services whenever needed

A comprehensive training program that is necessary for a thorough understanding of our surgical system

Become one of our Worldwide Distributors

Alfa Gate offers once in a lifetime opportunity that can lead you to absolute financial success: become the company’s exclusive distributor. Our re-seller program is aimed at those people who are on the lookout for opportunity in the dynamic field of the dental implant industry.

Good awareness about the dental market in your region

Great connection with implantologists, and oral surgeons

Ability to introduce a new product to the market

Resourceful connections for search of regional dentists

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