We participate yearly in the biggest and
leading trade shows and dental exhibitions internationally.

November 2022

Alfa Gate in Phoenix!

Alfa Gate Team in the annual AAP American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting & Dental Exhibition!

February 2022

Alfa Gate in UAE!

Alfa Gate Team in the annual AEEDC International Dental Conference & Dental Exhibition in Dubai!

March 2022

Alfa Gate in Spain!

Alfa Gate global Team participated in Expodental Dental Exhibition in IFEMA Madrid.

December 2021

Alfa Gate in USA!

Alfa Gate Team at the leading and global dental exhibition at the Greater New York Dental Meeting!

March 2019

Alfa Gate in Germany!

Alfa Gate Team participated in the global and biggest dental exhibition at IDS in Germany with our teams from around the world!

September 2019

Alfa Gate in Portugal!

Alfa Gate Team part took at the European Association for Osseointegration- EAO global conference in Lisbon!

july 2023

Alfa Gate in ViETNAM!

Arriving to Vietnam, our international presence covers 54 countries! ALFA GATE Dental Implants aims to offer global high-quality products. Soon, we’ll expand further with passionate services.


August 2023

Alfa Gate academy !

At Alfa Gate Academy, we embarked on the ‘Guided Implant Surgery’ course. On August 27, 2023, and continue to learn and evolve today.

November 2023


Part of a thrilling kickoff at the AAID conference in Las Vegas, America, 2023, at Caesars Palace Booth N’109.


February 2024

Alfa Gate in DUBAI !

For the second year in a row, the Alfa Gate team proudly participated in the renowned AEEDC Dubai, the largest medical exhibition in the region.

May 2024


Alfa Gate proudly participated in Idex Turkey, showcasing our leading Dental Implant Solutions. Our innovative products garnered significant attention, demonstrating our commitment to revolutionizing dental implant technology.

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