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Our Main Advantages

1. Doctor to doctor mindest

2. Full scalability and variety of products

3. More than 26 years in the market

4. All levels educational programs

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This is what our KOL's are saying

Dentists worldwide advocate for Alfa Gate products and services
"I can confidently state that Alfa Gate implant-supported restorations. The complete range of product fulfills most of implant treatment plans."
Dr. Al Panjali
DDS, MS., FAGD, DICOI from the United States of America
"I highly recommend Alfa Gate’s simplified surgical system, as a surgeon i operate with MAX and Bioactive implants due to their strong connectionand great surface. ."
"Alfa Gate dental products offer new levels of confidence in complex oral rehabilitation procedures ."
Dr. Victor Palarie
DMD, Ph.D., and Associate Professor at the Nicolae Testemitanu State University in Moldova
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