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Vertical Bone Augmentation with Simultaneous Dental Implantation Using Crestal Biomaterial Rings

Vertical Osteoconductive Characteristics of Titanium Implants with Calcium-Phosphate- Coated Surfaces

Vertical osteoconductivity and early bone formation of different implants in a subperiosteal model

Early outcome of an implant system with a resorbable adhesive calcium–phosphate coating

Cost-Effective Fabrication Of An All-Ceramic Screw-Retained Implant Crown

Determination of Micromotion at the Implant Bone Interface

Parameters Determining Micromotion at the Implant- Abutment Interface

Comparative study of the transcrestal sinus lift versus lateral approach sinus augmentation and simultaneous insertion of Bioactive calcium–phosphate coated dental implants

Biomaterials in restoration of the maxillary sinus membrane defects following oral surgery procedures

Stability of intraosseous dental implants with Guided bone regeneration

Variables Affecting the Accuracy of Implant Master Casts

Stabili ty evolution of Alf a Gate Bioactive e Coating® implants during the healing period

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